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Tips for property owners (of Blackburn)

You own a property in Blackburn. In fact, you’ve quite recently bought it. Now you wish for a call from someone who wants to get your property on rent. Well, you will get quite a many in the coming days. And with the tips that I’ll be sharing with you here, you’ll be able to make the most out of your industrial units to let in Blackburn.

#Tip 1
Meet the prospect
This is important. Meet the prospect. Make him or her sit and talk. Understand what they plan to do with your property – get to know the type of business they’re into, how long they wish to use your property, and whether they’ll be able to pay you on time, every month or decided date and time.

#Tip 2 
Get the contract written and signed 
It’s good that you know this person. But it’s about money, about your property, and also about your peace of mind. Therefore, you got to make sure that you hire a lawyer or real estate expert to draft a contract and get it signed by the party that intends to get your units to let in Blackburn on rent.

#Tip 3
The occasional visits
You own the units to let in Blackburn. And you paid a lot for these industrial units. And therefore, it is important that you see to it that the other party is taking care of your property. Though they’ve signed the contract and pay you on time, it’s good to visit the units once in a while.

If you own a commercial property or office space in Blackburn but have not been able to find a business that’s interested in your property, try speaking with a local real estate company. They are sure to help you in this.

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